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Comprehensive list of all dot macros available in the SQL scripting environment.

Documentation and Tutorials about recent changes and new features

TopicWiki pageInitial introduction
Understanding and mastering the more recent DB layoutreadsince version 4.0.0
Using the spatialite_convert toolreadsince version 4.0.0
Statistic Metatables Supportreadsince version 4.0.0
Understanding and using the SQL Log facilityreadsince version 4.0.0
Supporting Writable Viewsreadsince version 4.0.0
Other miscellaneous news about 4.0.0readsince version 4.0.0
XMLblob and VirtualXPath support (ISO Metadata and SLD/SE styles)readsince version 4.1.0
Importing data from a WFS datasourcereadsince version 4.1.0
Importing and exporting DXF filesreadsince version 4.1.0
Suggested best practices for using the Spatial Indexreadsince version 4.1.0
Identifying and fixing Spatial Index issuesreadsince version 4.1.0
More Spatial Index potential issues (WITHOUT ROWID clause)readsince version 4.2.0
Other miscellaneous news about 4.1.0readsince version 4.1.0
Dynamically loading mod_spatialite as an extension modulereadsince version 4.2.0
Building and using a Metacatalogreadsince version 4.2.0
Suggested best practices for identifying invalid Geometriesreadsince version 4.2.0
TopicWiki pageInitial introduction
SQL functions based on liblwgeom support (MakeValid and other sophisticated Spatial Functions)readsince version 4.0.0
SQL functions supporting Tesselations (regular grids, Delaunay triangulations, Voronoj diagrams and ConcaveHull)readsince version 4.0.0
SQL functions supporting data-type castingreadsince version 4.1.0
SQL functions supporting UUID and MD5readsince version 4.1.0
SQL functions supporting circles, ellipses, arcs and sectorsreadsince version 4.1.0
unsafe SQL functions conditionally depending on SPATIALITE_SECURITY=relaxedreadsince version 4.1.0
SQL functions converting between DMS and DD notations (latitude/longitude)readsince version 4.2.0
SQL functions reporting GEOS and LWGEOM errors and warningreadsince version 4.2.0
SQL functions supporting GPKG (GeoPackage)readsince version 4.2.0
other miscellaneous SQL functions introduced by 4.2.0readsince version 4.2.0

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Development of SpatiaLite 4.2.0 has been substantially funded by Tuscany Region - Territorial and Environmental Information System
Regione Toscana - Settore Sistema Informativo Territoriale ed Ambientale.