XmlBlob and VirtualXPath
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Starting since version 4.1.0 SpatiaLite will support a new specialized BLOB format specifically intended to store XmlDocuments.
A full set of new SQL functions will support serialization / deserialization, compression, checking the XML well-formedness, verifying the XML Schema validation and so on.


This is a new Virtual Table module allowing to directly perform SQL standard queries on behalf of XmlDocuments; it's fully based on XPath (a W3C standard).
Both XmlBlob and VirtualXPath are fully based on the well-known Gnome libxml2 library.
Be warned: most Linux distros are still supporting some obsolete libxml2 2.7.x; such obsolete versions seem to be completely unable to succesfully validate any complex XML Schema. Quickly switching to the most recent libxml2 2.9.0 is strongly suggested (and it's absolutely required in order to succesfully validate any complex XML Schema, e.g. those supporting ISO- and INSPIRE-Metadata)

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Development of XmlBlob and VirtualXPath has been substantially funded by Tuscany Region - Territorial and Environmental Information System
Regione Toscana - Settore Sistema Informativo Territoriale ed Ambientale.