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spatialite-tools is a collection of open source Command Line Interface (CLI) tools supporting SpatiaLite.

  • spatialite: a complete CLI front-end, more or less equivalent to the well known sqlite3 front-end, but fully supporting SpatiaLite
  • spatialite_tool: a tool supporting import/export of Shapefiles and DBF-files
  • shp_doctor: a diagnostic tool to check anomalous shapefiles
  • exif_loader: an import tool for EXIF or EXIF-GPS (JPEG) pictures
  • spatialite_network: a tool creating a VirtualNetwork (supporting shortest path / routing SQL queries)
  • spatialite_gml: a tool importing GML files
  • spatialite_convert: a tool converting DB-files from different versions of SpatiaLite
  • spatialite_dxf: an tool importing DXF files
  • OSM-tools: spatialite_osm_raw, spatialite_osm_filter, spatialite_osm_map, spatialite_osm_net, spatialite_osm_overpass: tools supporting OpenStreetMap datasets
  • XML-tools: spatialite_xml_load, spatialite_xml_collapse, spatialite_xml_print, spatialite_xml_validator, spatialite_xml2utf8: tools supporting XML files processing

spatialite-tools are licensed under the GPL v3 (or any subsequent version) terms

Strictly related projects:
Sources: current version is 5.1.0a (released on 2023-08-13)
Development of the XML Tools has been funded by Tuscany Region - Territorial and Environmental Information System
Regione Toscana - Settore Sistema Informativo Territoriale ed Ambientale.