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Ticket: 970ab8322e4995793b6b3acb872d1e6a100af60b
spatial_ref_sys definitions shouldn't contain TOWGS84[] in WKT definition
Date: 2020-08-02 16:10:31
User: sandro

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    Hi Even,

    supporting a +towgs84 term in "old style" geodesic strings contained into spatial_ref_sys is absolutely intentional.

    here is a short rationale: 1. when spatialite is linked against PROJ.6 or PROJ.7 all geodesic definitions are always retrieved directly from the PROJ own sqlite DB 2. so the old geodesic strings in spatial_ref_sys are still there just to support the case when spatialite is linked against some obsolete version of PROJ, and in this case defining +towgs84 is absolutely required in order to preserve a fair historical coherence.

    future perspectives: when old PROJ versions will be reasonably disappeared, spatial_ref_sys will become just a plain dictionary (SRID, auth_name, auth_srid and ref_sys_name) mainly intended to support Foreign Key constrains in geometry_columns, but will no longer contain any geodesic data at all.

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