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Date: 2018-08-03 12:06:23
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The GUI as a PostgreSQL client

Starting from version 2.1.0 the GUI has the capability to support connections to external PostgreSQL / PostGIS databases.
This functionality is mainly based on libvirtualpg, that is now a required dependency for the GUI tool. The present tutorial is intended to quickly explain how the PostgreSQL support is implemented by spatialite_gui.

Establishing a Connecting to a PostgreSQL DBMS

1. you can press the appropriate button from the Toolbar connection 1
2. you can select the appropriate item from the main Menu connection 2
3. and finally you can select the appropriate item from the context Menu that will appear by clicking the left button of the mouse over the PostreSQL main node from the Table Tree. connection 3
4. in all three cases the PostgreSQL connection dialog will appear.
Just insert the required connection arguments and confirm.

If the given arguments are invalid an error message will be then displayed, othrwise the connection will be immediately established.

If you are attempting to connect a remote server, you could probably find useful reading first the tutorial about SSH tunneling and Port Forwarding /
connection 3

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