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usage: spatialite_osm_raw ARGLIST
-h or --help                    print this help message
-o or --osm-path pathname       the OSM-file path
                 both OSM-XML (*.osm) and OSM-ProtoBuf
                 (*.osm.pbf) are indifferenctly supported.
-d or --db-path  pathname       the SpatiaLite DB path

you can specify the following options as well
-cs or --cache-size    num      DB cache size (how many pages)
-m or --in-memory               using IN-MEMORY database
-jo or --journal-off            unsafe (but faster) mode

$ spatialite_osm_raw -o my_country.osm.pbf -d my_country.sqlite
SQLite version: 3.7.11
SpatiaLite version: 3.1.0
inserted 3047972 nodes
        166634 tags
inserted 233481 ways
        423462 tags
        3461321 node-refs
inserted 6068 relations
        14815 tags
        56617 refs

the above shown command must be invoked from the shell:
Once the command succesfully completes its execution, you'll find a brand new DB-file just created ...

... you can explore this DB-file e.g. using spatialite_gui and executing any SQL query at your will.
e.g. in this case we are extracting all Nodes exposing the tourism:hotel tag, and being inserted since April 2012.

this further query will extract all Ways, determining their complexity (i.e. the number of referenced Nodes).
the resultset will be ordered so to show the most complex Ways first.

this last example query will extract all Ways, checking for broken Node references.
i.e. it will check if some undefined Node is referenced anyway, thus identifying the corresponding invalid Way.

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