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SQLite 3.7.17 experimental extensions

The most recent SQLite 3.7.17 (released on 2013-05-20) introduces many interesting news; please read the release notes:
Last but not least, many new experimental extensions are now available:
All these extra extensions aren't yet officially included in SQLite; anyway you can eventually download the corresponding source code form the SQLite's own Fossil repository. For your convenience, you can download these sources also from here
Each source contains a reasonably decent and comprehensive documentation about the corresponding extension.

Please note: both spatialite-4.1.0 and spatialite_gui-1.7.0 Windows binaries include SQLite 3.7.17, so you can eventually test these further extra-extensions in the easiest way. You'll find the pre-built extensions' binaries on sqlite-3.7.17-extra-DLL-win-x86.zip and sqlite-3.7.17-extra-DLL-win-amd64.zip

Just a simple example: the extension module rot13 supports a popular symmetric obfuscated encoding often used for WEB applications.
SELECT load_extension('rot13');

SELECT rot13('Sandro Furieri is an Italian developer');
Fnaqeb Shevrev vf na Vgnyvna qrirybcre

SELECT rot13('Fnaqeb Shevrev vf na Vgnyvna qrirybcre');
Sandro Furieri is an Italian developer
You simply have to copy the loadable extension's DLL in the same folder already containing spatialite.exe or spatialite_gui.exe; then by simply invoking load_extension() you'll be able to load and initialize the required extra extensions.

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