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Strange Interaction Between Spatialite and Shapely
Date: 2020-05-04 23:55:47
User: anonymous

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    ## Expected behavior and actual behavior.

    There is a strange interaction between loading spatialite 4.3.0 and shapely 1.7.0. I am not sure where exactly the error is happening so I am reporting the issue in both repositories.

    The expected behavior is that one should be able to import shapely after loading spatialite without a segmentation faulth.

    The actual behavior is that laoding shapely after loading spatialite produces a segmentation fault.

    ## Steps to reproduce the problem.

    ``` from sqlalchemy import create_engine from sqlalchemy.event import listen

    def load_spatialite(api_connection, connection_record): api_connection.enable_load_extension(True) api_connection.load_extension('mod_spatialite.so')

    engine = create_engine('sqlite://') listen(engine, 'connect', load_spatialite)

    # from shapely import speedups # Remove comment to avoid segmentation fault engine_connection = engine.connect() from shapely import speedups ```

    Running the above code produces the following segmentation fault: ``` python: ByteOrderValues.cpp:46: static int geos::io::ByteOrderValues::getInt(const unsigned char*, int): Assertion `byteOrder == ENDIAN_LITTLE' failed. Aborted (core dumped) ```

    Removing the comment prevents the segmentation fault.

    ## Operating system

    Fedora 31

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