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Artifact ID: 966c6569e451cbda50655dcfa0f860b2e60228ef
Page Name:about Pause()
Date: 2019-05-29 20:14:35
Original User: sandro



Many power users routinely use SpatiaLite for executing very complex SQL Scripts, may be largely based on Stored Procedures.
Sometimes attempting to debug a complex SQL script may easily become a difficult and frustrating activity.

In order to facilitate the debugging of SQL Scripts as much as possible, SpatiaLite (starting since version 5.0.0) supports a specific Pause() SQL function.
This function is intented to be the conceptual equivalent of what a breakpoint is intended to be for ordinary debugger tools.

Few basic concepts:

Important notice: Pause() and Transactions

Recall: all changes contained within a pending (aka uncommitted SQL Transaction are strictly private.
This practically means that all them will remain completely invisibile to any other connection accessing the same database.
But a debugging session as previously defined necessarily requires using at least two different connections
(the one suspended by Pause() and the other used for inspecting the database).

Short conclusion: the only safe way for calling Pause() is