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librasterlite2 is an open source library that stores and retrieves huge 
raster coverages using a SpatiaLite DBMS.

Important notice: this is a brand new project intended to completely 
replace the superseded librasterlite.
The two projects are completely unrelated: the unique similarity 
between both is just in covering the same identical application area.

License: librasterlite2 (the library itself) is licensed under the 
MPL tri-license terms; you are free to choose the best-fit license 

    the MPL 1.1
    the GPL v2.0 or any subsequent version
    the LGPL v2.1 or any subsequent version

Please note well: anyway the tools supporting the library (both 
rl2tool and wmslite are licensed under the GPL v3 (or any subsequent 
version) terms. 

Coverage testing
librasterlite2 has coverage testing support. 
You need to have gcov and lcov installed.

1. Use --enable-gcov=yes with configure script
2. Clean and rebuild.
3. make coverage-init
4. make check (or whatever other tests you want to check coverage for)
5. make coverage
6. check summary on command line output.
7. review detailed coverage results in covresults/index.html