SpatiaLite  3.0.0-stable
Data Fields
gaiaShapefileStruct Struct Reference

Container for SHP file handling. More...

#include <gg_structs.h>

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Data Fields

int endian_arch
 SHP endian arch.
int Valid
 validity flag: 1 = ready to be processed
int ReadOnly
 read or write mode
char * Path
 SHP 'abstract' path (no suffixes)
FILE * flShx
 FILE handle to SHX file.
FILE * flShp
 FILE handle to SHP file.
FILE * flDbf
 FILE handle to DBF file.
int Shape
 the SHP shape code
gaiaDbfListPtr Dbf
 list of DBF fields
unsigned char * BufDbf
 DBF I/O buffer.
int DbfHdsz
 DBF header size (in bytes)
int DbfReclen
 DBF record length (in bytes)
int DbfSize
 DBF current file size (in bytes)
int DbfRecno
 DBF current Record Number.
unsigned char * BufShp
 SHP I/O buffer.
int ShpBfsz
 SHP current buffer size (in bytes)
int ShpSize
 SHP current file size.
int ShxSize
 SHX current file size.
double MinX
 Total Extent: min X.
double MinY
 Total Extent: min Y.
double MaxX
 Total Extent: max X.
double MaxY
 Total Extent: max Y.
void * IconvObj
 handle to ICONV converter object
char * LastError
 last error message (may be NULL)
int EffectiveType
 SHP actual OGC Geometry type.
int EffectiveDims
 SHP actual dims: one of GAIA_XY, GAIA_XY_Z, GAIA_XY_M, GAIA_XY_ZM.

Detailed Description

Container for SHP file handling.

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