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Viewing SpatiaLite layers in QGIS

2011 January 28

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QGIS is a really popular and widespread desktop GIS app: you can download the latest QGIS from:
QGIS contains an internal data provider supporting SpatiaLite:
so interacting with any SpatiaLite's DB using a classic desktop GIS is simple and easy.

QGIS Fig.1
You simply have to connect the SpatiaLite's DB, then choosing the layer(s) you intend to use.
Please note: accordingly to DBMS terminology you are accustomed to handle tables.
But in the GIS own jargon the term layers is very often used to identify exactly the same thing.

QGIS Fig.2
Once you've connected your layers from the SpatiaLite DB you can immediately start using QGIS own tools.
And that's all.
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