This page is obsolete and contains outdated information. It's still available only to preserve full historical record.

Please go to the current home page of the SpatiaLite project.

Installing spatialite-2.3.1 on Windows

SpatiaLite implements a complete Spatial DBMS engine based on the very popular SQLite.
A complete set of spatially-oriented extensions are directly implemented in SpatiaLite: There are various alternative ways you can follow at your choice to deploy and use them:
  1. the spatialite-gui.exe way:
  2. the spatialite.exe way:
  3. the sqlite3 way:
  4. the xxx GUI tool way / the xxx language binding way:
Then I suggest you to download the test.db database and follow the tutorial step by step;
it's the fastest way to become accustomed with SpatiaLite and any related stuff.