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Setting up the build environment

Usually building any free software packages is an easy task on Linux; anyway there are so many different distros that very few hints may be useful to you: Just very few sparse considerations directly coming from my first-hand experiences (2011 December):

How to build

Building on every Linux is a very simple task: just open a shell (aka terminal) console, then type:

make -j8
sudo make install-strip

If ./configure reports some complaint, this means that one (or more) required packages cannot be successfully found.

Common runtime pitfalls

May well be you'll get at run-time an error message looking like this ""
e.g. this will happen on Debian: anyway resolving this issue is quite trivial:

Adding Desktop support to GUI tools

You can obviously launch both spatialite_gui and spatialite_gis from the shell; but a by far better Desktop integration is now available.
(many thanks to Volker Froehlich for his kind support)
Do exactly the same thing for spatialite_gis; all right, now you'll see both spatialite_gui and spatialite_gis on the main Gnome menu:
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