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Ticket: bd28d03af1666de0bb6c67b83d65a9913ade40de
Spatialite gui will not open valid working databases
Date: 2018-12-05 09:07:02
User: anonymous

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    I use sqlite databases in Qgis, but need a more fully featured gui to fix index problems which Qgis tends to accumulate and have been advised to use this software. The problem is, it won't open any of my databases reporting each time a malformed database schema on a syntax error. I should emphasise that all of the databases I've experienced this error with are working perfectly well in Qgis, I can load them, run queries, add, edit and remove data and features, all without a problem.

    So, if it is possible to load and work with such databases (which Qgis shows it clearly is) could you please allow them to be opened in spatialite-gui so that the errors can be fixed?

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    Spatialite gui will not open valid working databases

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