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Artifact ID: 6602d419db814d33896b522c97fbf5242866b811
Page Name:GetDbObjectScope()
Date: 2019-12-31 18:47:34
Original User: sandro

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about GetDbObjectScope()

Starting since version 5.0.0 libspatialite supports a new SQL function surely useful for all third-parties intending to develop their own custom interfaces for managing SQLite+SpatiaLite databases adopting a style more or less similar to the one implemented by spatialite_gui and may be using some programming language such as C/C++, Java, Python or whatever else.
The new function is named GetDbObjectScope(), and will return a short but clear description about the intended scope of each DB object defined within a currently connected database.

The following categories of DB objects are supported:
and will be classified into one of the following groups:


GetDbObjectScope ( db-prefix Text , obj-name Text ) : Text

A practical example

SELECT type, name, GetDBObjectScope(NULL, name) AS object_scope FROM sqlite_master;
The above SQL query will classify all DB objects defined within the MAIN DB.
The following table corresponds to a simplified excerpt of the returned resultset.

tablespatial_ref_syssystem: CRS Catalog
indexidx_spatial_ref_syssystem: Internal Index
tablespatialite_historysystem: SQL log
tablesqlite_sequencesystem: SQLite's own
tablegeometry_columnssystem: Spatial Tables Catalog
indexsqlite_autoindex_geometry_columns_1system: AutoIndex
indexidx_srid_geocolssystem: Internal Index
triggergeometry_columns_f_table_name_insertsystem: Internal Constraints Check (trigger)
triggergeometry_columns_f_table_name_updatesystem: Internal Constraints Check (trigger)
viewgeom_cols_ref_syssystem: CRS Catalog
tablespatial_ref_sys_auxsystem: CRS Catalog
viewspatial_ref_sys_allsystem: Spatial Tables Catalog
tableviews_geometry_columnssystem: Spatial Views Catalog
tablevirts_geometry_columnssystem: Spatial Virtual Tables Catalog
tablegeometry_columns_statisticssystem: Statistics
tabledata_licensessystem: Raster/Vector Coverages Auxiliary
tablesql_statements_logsystem: SQL log
tableSpatialIndexsystem: Spatial Index Interface
tableElementaryGeometriessystem: Elementary Geometries Interface
tableKNNsystem: KNN Interface
tableraster_coveragessystem: Raster Coverages Catalog
tabletopologiessystem: Topologies Catalog
tablenetworkssystem: Networks Catalog
viewvector_coverages_ref_syssystem: Vector Coverages Catalog
tablevector_coverages_keywordsystem: Vector Coverages Catalog
tableSE_external_graphicssystem: SLD/SE Styling
tableSE_fontssystem: SLD/SE Styling
tableSE_vector_stylessystem: SLD/SE Styling
tableSE_raster_stylessystem: SLD/SE Styling
tablewms_getcapabilitiessystem: WMS Coverages Catalog
tablewms_getmapsystem: WMS Coverages Catalog
tablewms_settingssystem: WMS Coverages Catalog
tablewms_ref_syssystem: WMS Coverages Catalog
tablestored_proceduressystem: Stored Procs Catalog
tablestored_variablessystem: Stored Procs Catalog
tabletpl_usersuserland: Table
tabletpl_admin_l1userland: Spatial Table
triggerggi_tpl_admin_l1_geomsystem: Geometry Constraints Check (trigger)
triggerggu_tpl_admin_l1_geomsystem: Geometry Constraints Check (trigger)
tableidx_tpl_admin_l1_geomsystem: Spatial Index
tableidx_tpl_admin_l1_geom_rowidsystem: Spatial Index Component
tableidx_tpl_admin_l1_geom_nodesystem: Spatial Index Component
tableidx_tpl_admin_l1_geom_parentsystem: Spatial Index Component
viewtplvw_admin_l2userland: Spatial View
viewtplvw_admin_l3userland: Spatial View
viewtplhsvw_admin_l1userland: View
viewtplhsvw_admin_l2userland: View
viewtplvw_popplacesuserland: Spatial View

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