SpatiaLite 3.0.0 changelog

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SpatiaLite 2.4.0 changelog

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Early (obsolete) versions:


  • including SQLite v.3.6.16
  • including GEOS.3 1.1
  • added SQL version functions: spatialite_version(), proj4_version(), geos_version()
  • added SQL functions: IsTiffBlob(), IsWaveletBlob() [RasterLite compatilibility]
  • now supporting the 'F' (float) datatype for DBF [while reading some Shapefile]
bug fixes:
  • fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling MbrCache
  • fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling VirtualFDO
  • fixed some EXIF and EXIF-GPS inconsistencies
  • fixed incorrect SRID handling for PointN(), GeometryN() ..
  • fixed a nasty error [causing a crash] while parsing degenerated WKT geometries (single-vertex LINESTRING ...)
  • fixed some ./configure oddities [--with-proj-include, --with-geos-include]
  • and many others ...

  • including SQLite v.3.6.12
  • including GEOS.3 1.0
  • added SQL math functions
  • added EXIF-GPS geometry-handling functions
  • added the new Virtual Table module VirtualNetwork supporting direct SQL routing [aka Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm]
  • added the new Virtual Table module VirtualFDO supporting compatibility for FDO/OGR RFC16
  • clear separation of library and tools
  • introducing the amalgamation
  • supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
bug fixes:
  • yes, lots of them ...

  • including SQLite v.3.6.2 [supporting the official and stable R*Tree implementation]
    the v.3.6.2 implementation of R*Tree was affected by a serious bug, but SpatiaLite yet applies the patch fixing this issue
    SQLite plans to officially release this fix in
    the v.3.6.2 R*Tree bug causes incorrect indexing for POINTs, i.e. when Xmin = Xmax and Ymin = Ymax
  • including PROJ.4.6.1 and updated EPSG dataset
  • added the new Virtual Table module MbrCache supporting an alternative Spatial Index
  • added the new Virtual Table module VirtualText supporting direct SQL access to CSV and TxtTab files
bug fixes:
  • resolved: incorrect parsing of WKT expressions containing negative coord values
  • spatial-metadata-related SQL functions [such as CreateSpatialIndex()] now interpreter table names and/or column names in a case-insensitive way
  • fixed an error in the MBRIntersects() function

2008-07-142.1 alpha using libiconv in order to support full UTF-8 and locale charsets
added an user friendly GUI tool: spatialite-gui

2008-06-232.0 completely re engineered code base
adopting standard GNU Automake build system [./configure; make; make install]
GEOS integration; now supporting complete Spatial analysis [full OpenGis compliance]
implementing standard Spatial MetaData
implementing Spatial Index via RTrees

2008-03-281.0a Enhanced portability
added support for Linux-x86_64 and MacOsX-universal
2008-03-211.0 The initial release
supporting only Windows and Linux-i686