SpatiaLite 2.4.0 ReleaseCandidate-2 [2010-01-10] work in progress

previous stable version [2.3.1] is here
most recent development version [2.4.0-3] is here
This one isn't a stable version: so it's very alike you can find several bugs or other inconsistencies.
Anyway any feedback coming from users' on-the-field testing is the better way to perform a
thorough debugging and achieve the required stability in the quickest time.
Please report any bug or malfunction you'll eventually find sending a message to the SpatiaLite User group

Road Mapnew features and changes
RC-2 changelog
SQL functionsdocumentation
3D and compressed geometriesSpatiaLite-Geometries-Addendum.pdf
Foreign Key constraintsForeign-Key-Constraints.pdf
View tutorialsUsing-Views-Basic.pdf
supporting Open Street Map
Interactive Routing
sample DBssamples.tar.gz
init scriptinit_spatialite-2.4.sql.gz
sources download
precompiled binaries download
sample Shaded Relief DEMs

ETOPO-1 datasets from NOAA/NGDC
gray-scale shaded relief
warning: 200 MB
false-colors bathimetry, shaded relief
warning: 240 MB

SpatiaLite is developed and maintained by Alessandro Furieri