WARNING: this web page is nowadays obsolete and completely outdated.

The current version of SpatiaLite is available from here

If you are searching for updated Windows executables you'll find all them from here
Please look at the bottom of the page into the MS Windows binaries section.

SpatiaLite 2.4.0 ReleaseCandidate-2 [2010-01-10] work in progress

previous stable version [2.3.1] is here
most recent development version [2.4.0-3] is here
This one isn't a stable version: so it's very alike you can find several bugs or other inconsistencies.
Anyway any feedback coming from users' on-the-field testing is the better way to perform a
thorough debugging and achieve the required stability in the quickest time.
Please report any bug or malfunction you'll eventually find sending a message to the SpatiaLite User group

Road Mapnew features and changes
RC-2 changelog
SQL functionsdocumentation
3D and compressed geometriesSpatiaLite-Geometries-Addendum.pdf
Foreign Key constraintsForeign-Key-Constraints.pdf
View tutorialsUsing-Views-Basic.pdf
supporting Open Street Map
Interactive Routing
sample DBssamples.tar.gz
init scriptinit_spatialite-2.4.sql.gz
sources download
precompiled binaries download
sample Shaded Relief DEMs

ETOPO-1 datasets from NOAA/NGDC
gray-scale shaded relief
warning: 200 MB
false-colors bathimetry, shaded relief
warning: 240 MB

SpatiaLite is developed and maintained by Alessandro Furieri a.furieri@lqt.it