WARNING: this web page is nowadays obsolete and completely outdated.

The current version of SpatiaLite is available from here

If you are searching for updated Windows executables you'll find all them from here
Please look at the bottom of the page into the MS Windows binaries section.

SpatiaLite - VirtualShape [version 2.2]

previous version [2.1 alpha] is here

the 2.2 is the current stable release supporting:
  • full UTF-8 SQLite internal data storage and locale charsets for input and output
  • a GUI tool supporting DB management in an user friendly way
  • PROJ.4 latest version (4.6.1), this including an updated EPSG dataset
  • SQLite's latest version (3.6.2) implementing the definitive R*Tree Spatial Index
  • an alternative Spatial Index implementation using MBR caching
  • added the new Virtual Table module VirtualText supporting direct SQL access to CSV and TxtTab files
Licensing policies have changed; SpatiaLite v.2.2 source code is licensed under a disjunctive tri-license giving you the choice of one of the three following sets of free software/open source licensing terms: This allows the use of SpatiaLite code in as wide a variety of software projects as possible, while still maintaining copyleft.

Quick intro

SpatiaLite and VirtualShape are developed and maintained by Alessandro Furieri a.furieri@lqt.it

documentation a conceptual reference guide manual
a quick tutorial ... the fastest way to get started ... tutorial
List of Spatial SQL supported functions SQL functions
a sample preloaded database [as used within tutorial] test-2.2.sqlite.zip
Using SpatiaLite in C/C++ programs SpatiaLite C APIs reference list C APIs
SpatiaLite C samples spatialite-C-samples.zip
binary distributions Windows
installation notes
spatialite executable [statically linked, no deps] spatialite-2.2-win-bin.zip
spatialite-gui GUI tool [statically linked, no deps, GPLv3 license] spatialite-2.2-win-gui.zip
libraries [both static-libs and DLLs] spatialite-2.2-win-libs.zip
installation notes
spatialite executable [statically linked, no deps] spatialite-2.2-linux-x86-bin.tar.gz
spatialite-gui GUI tool [statically linked, no deps, GPLv3 license] spatialite-2.2-linux-x86-gui.tar.gz
libraries [both static and shared ones] spatialite-2.2-linux-x86-libs.tar.gz
Mac OS X
installation notes
spatialite executable [statically linked, no deps] spatialite-2.2-MacOsX-10.5-PPC-bin.tar.gz
spatialite-gui GUI tool [statically linked, no deps, GPLv3 license] spatialite-2.2-MacOsX-10.5-PPC-gui.tar.gz
libraries [both static and shared ones] spatialite-2.2-MacOsX-10.5-PPC-libs.tar.gz
version history
how-to-build notes zipfile spatialite-2.2.zip
tarball, gzipped spatialite-2.2.tar.gz
GUI tool sources spatialite-gui-1.1.tar.gz
useful SQL scripts the init_spatialite.sql script required in order to initialize the Spatial MetaData tables
[geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys]
some SQL scripts for testing purposes test-2.2-sql-scripts.zip